Inbound marketer by day. Food writer and dog photographer by night.

About Me

After graduating from university with a marketing degree, I had no real idea how I’d apply my extremely expensive framed piece of paper in the “real world”. I’d dabbled in classes on finance, accounting, and statistics, but those subjects drained me. I craved creativity in marketing, a real opportunity to flex my right-brain muscles and make a difference. And then I discovered the wonderful world of content marketing, and the rest is history. (Well, two years of history, at least.)

I write content that helps small businesses grow their revenue and market share with inbound marketing practices. With two years of B2B SaaS marketing experience in the real estate industry, I’ve found my passion in teaching others how to get more organized, make real connections with leads, and save money on their marketing.

While inbound is my first love, I’ve learned the right way to create “inbound-y” outbound marketing pieces, such as social media and banner ads, that offer value and are optimized to get the most bang for your buck. And while I’m a creative at heart, every right-brained marketer needs a little left-brained kick as well. I live by the 21st-century marketer’s mantra, ABT (Always be Testing). I’m familiar with tools like Marketo, HubSpot, and Optimizely, and know how to tweak colors, headlines, and CTA’s to craft the perfect page.

And content isn’t just my 9-5, it’s my evenings and weekends, too. I’ve crafted a local food blog as my alter-ego, Bacon & Braids, where I have the opportunity to connect with small business owners, improve my photography and web development skills, and most importantly, write (and eat).



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